Identity system to bring control and compliance for issuers and institutions on a distributed ledger

Access a global network whilst maintaining control and compliance

On-boarding investors in primary markets is a cumbersome and analogous exercise. Many processes still rely on paper and unnecessary middlemen. The technology is now here to drastically improve these services. onchainID enables actors to access distributed networks and provides them with the necessary tools to deliver a digital-first service for their investors.

Issuers of real world assets, such as equity, funds and bonds can all be digitised and accessed on a distributed network, giving firms the opportunity to enable automation, drive efficiency and access a truly global market. onchainID is a distributed platform that connects digital securities issuers with a global investor base in just a few clicks.

By utilising onchainID, institutions can take advantage of all the benefits that come from digitising financial instruments, whilst retaining control and compliance in their operations.

What is onchainID?

Trusted Identity

Digital identities consist of smart contracts with proof of identity data from trusted partners. Investors have complete control of their information, and compliance is assured for issuers.

KYC aggregator

Compatible with any digital identity system. Benefit from faster and cost-effective investor onboarding. Checks can be reusable and plugged in from trusted parties. The KYC is proofed onchain.


onchainID is GDPR compliant. It ensures data privacy rules are adhered to and it restricts the visibility of verified identify information.

How does it work?

Layer One: Identity
Layer Two: Proof
Layer Three: Aggregate
Layer Four: Decentralized System
Layer Five: Dapp
A list of specific information used by third parties to identify a person or company
A smart contract containing proof of identity
Preferred identity providers plug into the system, validate and enrich data
Identity proofs are stored on a decentralized ecosystem with the relevant claims associated to the identity
Easy to use interface for issuers and investors to manage onchain identities

Who is onchainID for?

For investors

For investors

Investors can create their identity and access tokenized securities

  • Reusable identity across multiple tokenized opportunities
  • Maintain control of their personal info
  • Simple onboarding experience

Securities issuers

Securities issuers

Issuers can streamline traditional issuance processes

  • Automatic compliance enforcement
  • Access to an integrated network of trusted parties
  • Enables on-chain voting / digital signature

Identity providers

Identity providers

Identity providers have the opportunity to access a new ecosystem

  • Become a trusted party for digital assets
  • Simple access to blockchain technology / reduce tech barriers
  • Become identity provider for digital issuances

Distribution providers

Distribution providers

Digitize cumbersome and manual processes

  • Turnkey investor compliance
  • Accept/distribute security tokens based on compliant T-REX standard
  • Global compliance

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