Get your onchain identity!

investorID is a decentralized application, allowing investors to create their onchain identity, so they can access digital assets in full compliance.

Generate your investorID in a few clicks, and enrich your identity as you wish. By creating your on-chain identity, you keep complete control of your personal data, whilst enabling issuers to operate in full compliance.

investorID identities are compatible with every security token based on the T-REX standard.

  • Enrich your identity by connecting your usual authentication services
  • Control access to your data in a few clicks
  • Easy log-in to decentralized finance applications
  • Manage your digital assets and digital signatures
  • Easy recovery process, meaning you cannot lose your identity
  • Your identity is reusable from one Security Token Offering to another

investorID is supported by

How do I create my investorID?

Creating your investorID is a very simple process. By following simple steps and creating your on-chain identity, you can seamlessly access and trade digital assets.

  1. Create investorID account
  2. Connect wallet
  3. Enrich identity
  4. Access opportunities

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